Concepts Online Web based Vehicle Traking & Mobile Data Solutions - KEY POINTS

Financial Issues
  • Fixed cost allows you to view data as many times as you wish, it will cost no more
  • No set-up costs
  • A fixed term contract over any period
  • Reports are included in system - not an extra cost
  • No additional telephone charges

Driver Issues

  • Reduced stress no need to keep calling driver
  • Distribute work fairly
  • Avoid long distances if a colleague is nearer
  • Verify overtime claims
  • Proof of attendance at customer site
Operational Issues
  • Web based so need for a dedicated PC
  • Simple to use and fully configurable to customer requirements
  • Modular system allows for organisational growth - add as you need
  • Multiple users without additional charges
  • Access system from any location via internet
  • 1 or 1000 vehicles - makes no difference
  • Can be fitted to any vehicle
  • May assist in insurance cost reduction
  • Security - Ability to see stolen or lost vehicles
  • Control and monitor mobile employees -
      • More jobs per day
      • Less calls to mobiles locating people
      • Verify overtime
      • Control fuel costs
      • Ensure correct routes are taken

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